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Personalise your Wedding


“Personalise your Wedding and Impress with lighting, video projection, slideshows and presentations, confetti canons and much more to give it that personal touch”

Wedding DJ London gives you the unique upgrade option to personalise your wedding. With live video projection of the dance floor, slideshow and presentations we give your Wedding a personal touch. Hand in photos and videos to project in a slick slideshow for you and all your guests to enjoy. Supply us with a Powerpoint Presentation and use our remote clicker to project your personal message and memories on a big screen.

Live Video Projection

Live video projection gives an extra exciting atmosphere and enjoyment on the dance floor. It will amaze your guests and will be an absolute wow factor!

Personalise your Wedding at the Shangri-La Hotel on the Shard with Wedding DJ London

We only use high quality HD AV projectors and large projection screens to personalise your Wedding. For Powerpoint presentations we supply a remote clicker to run everything smoothly. Our live video projection will be filmed with a high quality camera with wide angle lens. We also offer the option to record all the dance floor video footage so we can provide you with this after your event.