DJ vs iPod

DJ vs iPod – What could you save & is it worth it?

You’re getting married, have already spent too much and need to cut down on costs. You are thinking of replacing the DJ for an iPod but is this really such a great idea? And how much would you actually save?

DJ vs iPod - what would you do to cut down in costs?

If you are thinking of using an iPod you will have to find someone who is willing and confident enough on the mic to do announcements and can get your guests going. Someone who takes requests, reads the crowd and plays the right tune at the right time. You might want to take a moment to realise what consequences using an iPod has and if this is worth it for you.

What happens if someone asks for a request or you would like your favourite song played right now? Scrolling through a list of songs while there’s an awkward silence at your Wedding Reception is maybe not the ideal idea of a great party. It’s also more than likely people’s requested songs are not on the iPod (this can be a good thing in some cases;-)

Is it fair to expect your friend to be a ‘crowd reader’, presenter and the one that lets your Wedding Reception flow while it takes a DJ years of experience to get to that point? Is it worth the risk of having a dissappointing evening with friends and family leaving early on which should be your best night ever? What happens if the sound system stops working or you blow a speaker?

You should be able to get a professional DJ with good basic equipment for a few hundred pounds. They come packed with the professionalism gathered by years of experience, large music collection for every age group and understanding of what it takes to make a great, enjoyable, memorable Party. Renting a sound system will still cost around £200 and don’t forget you need someone to set it up too. For maybe £100 more you will get the DJ with it and a guaranteed enjoyable party without awkward silences and stress.

If you want to save money why not let one of your friends bake the cake, make your own invitations or decorate the room yourself. If we may give any advice make sure you save on something that won’t have any influence on the atmosphere of the day.