Upgrade Your Day!

Wedding DJ Upgrades

Pimp up your venue with our upgrades. We can supply you with lots of extras that will make your venue look absolutely amazing. Give the room a nice and warm feel with atmospheric up-lighters, a confetti canon or have a dry ice machine for your first dance! We offer a wide variety of various upgrades to give an extra special touch to your Wedding.

LED Wall Wash Up Lighters – £17.50

The High Power LED Up lighters create a warm flood of light and can be programmed to various colours. We can also program them to change colour gradually at the same time or in time to the music.


Exterior Extremely High Power External LED Chase Bars – £125

Draw attention to your Event with the best external full colour extremely powerful rainproof LED Uplighters. Comes with infra red control and can be linked to each other. Multi function including dramatic chase sequence through all the colours, any still colour or gradual change. Can even change in time to the music!

LASER – Full Colour 3D 1000 Watt I.D.A. Laser – £95

This is the latest LASER on the market and looks amazing. An extremely powerful colour 3D LASER with loads of programmable effects such as beams, waves over the dancefloor, kaleidoscopic patterns, 3D images. Will make your lightshow look stunning and modern.

HD Projector Screen – Presentation Package  –  £300

HD Projector offering really sharp images for Conference Presentations, Wedding Photos, Psychedelic Video Patterns. Comes with floor standing 2.2m. Projection Screen, Remote Clicker and all leads.

I-Mac – £100

Apple I-Mac with Powerpoint to run your presentation or photo slide show

AV HD – Photo and Video Projection

Party Photo Service – £299

from £ 299 for 2 hours

We offer our customers a Professional photo service. Our Photo specialist takes shots with a Professional Canon camera during your Party. High quality photos of you and your guests having fun on the dance floor, friends, family, kids and anything that comes in front of the camera. You will receive all the High Resolution, carefully selected and edited photos within two weeks after your Party or Event. 



Fog Machine (Shows Light Beams) – £19

Transforms any lighting rig or projection package to create a laser type effect with beams of light traversing above the dancefloor. Cost effective extra that will make a huge difference to the atmosphere at your Event! 

The Fog Machine creates a laser type effect with beams of light traversing above the dance floor.

Night Club Fog Machine 1000 Watts – £39

This night club spec Fog Machine with multi function controller will either fill the room quickly with scented fog or produce a fine and constant haze/mist to dramatically enhance lighting.

The fog machine transforms any lighting rig to create a laser type effect.

Bubble Machine – £29

Bubble Machines give the perfect Effect for Romantic Photographs of the First Dance at a Wedding and give an extra dimension to your lighting package.

Bubble machines give an extra dimension to your Party!

Strobe – £10

Used in short bursts the Strobe is an effective option to add variety to your lightshow and highlight the “best bits” in a track.

Confetti Canon (Good for Intro/1st Dance) – £29

Each firing lasts for 30 seconds to highlight the main attraction of an Event. For example Product Launches, First Dances, Last Tune and Happy Birthday. Discounts for more than one firing. Any colour can be ordered in advance to match Wedding colour themes or corporate colours.

Cordless UHF Radio Microphone and Stand – £25

UHF Microphones offer portability, allowing clients to make a speech without tripping over wires or being tied to the Mixing Desk. Using UHF minimises high pitch feedback and interface as heard on VHF systems.

Cordless UHF Microphones are used for speeches without tripping over wires or being tied to the mixing desk.

Mirror Ball – £39

24 inch Mirror ball and Rotator Motor withs Stand and Pin Spots to add some disco glitz to your party. The mirror ball refracts and reflects hundreds of moving light beams around the surrounding walls and dancefloor of your Venue to give a cool Saturday Night Fever feel!


Laser (Remote Operation 48 Pattern) – £39

These LASERs are remote operated and give intriguing patters and effects such as moving tunnels projected on the dancefloor. Must use with a Fog Machine to maximise effect.

Starcloth (popular DJ table frontage) – £29

This gives a tidy and professional finish to the front of the DJ booth with twinkling L.E.D. effects. Many Corporate Events insist on this.


The DJ table star cloth gives a tidy and Professional finish to the front of the DJ Booth.



H&S LED DJ Booth – £100

The Rolls Royce of DJ Booths offering a very high quality LED Starcloth with full 2 m wide DJ surround covering 3 sides of the DJ equipment.


4m x 3m LED Starcloth Stage Backdrop – £100

Effective Stage Backdrop – LED Starcloth 4m x 3m with Lighting Controller and Winchable Truss System.



High Power Moving Scanner Lights – £30

High Power Visage LED Scanning Lights, club specification linked to perform an amazing array of sequences, colours and patterns. 250 Watt.

Oil Projecting Lighting – £40

Top of the range Martin Oil Wheel Projection Light giving a warm Lava Lamp type effect with numerous colours which will cover the room or can be directed to an isolated wall or ceiling.

Extra Twister IV (Intel. projection lighting) – £19

Additional intelligent projection lighting as used in Top London Clubs to give a spectacular show.

UV Violet lamp – £19

Ultra Violet gives that discreet night club feel where everybody looks very tanned an healthy. Very popular in Clubs at present!

Technics Decks for Vinyl – £39

For the original authentic DJ performance. Technics SL1200 are the industry standard for clubs since the 1980’s and still used by Paul Oakenfold today.

Lighting Gantry – £29

The Lighting Gantry is required for larger shows such as the Mobile Nightclub or Roadshow where there is lots of lighting and effects to position in a safe manner.

Karaoke System – £150

Karaoke CD Graphics Player x3 with Sound Effects Module, HD LCD Screen, Karaoke Laser Discs, 3 Microphones, 6 printed play lists and request slips.

Tecnician – £150

Technician Daily Charge to assist with set up, breakdown and operation.

PAR Can – £12.50

PAR Cans give an effective flood of light. We use them frequently for uplighter and backdrops to give a warmer feel to an ordinary venue.